Fun and Learning

Dive into our incredible seagrass meadows in school or at home with our educational resources for teachers, families and young people. If you’ve been searching for seagrass-themed fun for children, then you’ve landed in the right place! You’ll find games, activities and fun for all the family below.

NEW: Check out our latest seagrass education resource: Seagrass and Me!

Seagrass educational resources by age:

Age 14-16

Seagrass Physiology and Classification

Age 11-14

Seagrass Physiology and Photosynthesis: Video

Age 7-11

Beginners Guide To Seagrass

Seagrass Word-Searches

Age 5-7

Anemone Spotlight and Activity

Cod Spotlight and Activity

Cuttlefish Spotlight and Activity

Plaice Spotlight and Activity

Seahorse Spotlight and Activity

Age 0-5

Wild Days : Storm Stopper

Wild Days : Make A Seagrass Meadow

Wild Days : Make A Milkbottle Cod

Wild Days : Climate Campaigner

Wonders of Seagrass : North Atlantic

Wonders of Seagrass: Indo-Pacific

The fishes in the seagrass: Animation

The Fishes In The Seagrass: Animation

Other Resources

Spot the Difference: Indo-Pacfic

Work individually or in teams to spot the differences in this Indo-Pacific seagrass meadow.

Earth LIVE Lesson with Evie Furness

Sea and Song Resource Pack