Educate and Inspire


At Project Seagrass we believe that education is the best approach to generate both awareness and understanding of both seagrass and the marine environment, and hence impart skills to the different sectors of communities.

One of our core aims is to help educate people on local seagrass issues as well as create an awareness of the marine environment and its fragility. Working with school’s, colleges and universities we can work to educate and inspire the next generation, and in turn advance the conservation of not only seagrass, but the environment as a whole for the future.

Age 14-16

Seagrass Physiology and Classification

Age 11-14

Seagrass Physiology and Photosynthesis: Video

Age 7-11

Beginners Guide To Seagrass

Seagrass Word-Searches

Age 5-7

Anemone Spotlight and Activity

Cod Spotlight and Activity

Cuttlefish Spotlight and Activity

Plaice Spotlight and Activity

Seahorse Spotlight and Activity

Age 0-5

Wild Days : Storm Stopper

Wild Days : Make A Seagrass Meadow

Wild Days : Make A Milkbottle Cod

Wild Days : Climate Campaigner

Wonders of Seagrass : North Atlantic

Wonders of Seagrass: Indo-Pacific

The fishes in the seagrass: Animation

The Fishes In The Seagrass: Animation

Other Resources

SEA Programme Activity Book

Spot the Difference: Indo-Pacfic

Work individually or in teams to spot the differences in this Indo-Pacific seagrass meadow.

Earth LIVE Lesson with Evie Furness

2020 Seagrass As Art

2019 Photography #BIOblitz