Science-based solutions to global challenges for seagrass

In the last 40 years, we’ve lost one third of seagrass meadows globally.

Since 2013, Project Seagrass has been committed to reversing that trend, working to conserve seagrass to ensure that the benefits they provide communities are sustained now and for the future.

By bridging community, research and action, we can save the world’s seagrass!

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At Project Seagrass, we have long been an advocate of citizen science; an innovative way of integrating outreach and education with the collection of scientific data. We want to increase awareness and participation in solving one of the most important global challenges for seagrass conservation; to gather information on the status and location of seagrass across the globe.

SeagrassSpotter seeks to expand the number of people conserving seagrass from a few hundred scientists to thousands of citizen scientists. With SeagrassSpotter, ocean and nature enthusiasts around the world can contribute to seagrass conservation with just a single photo. Data gathered using SeagrassSpotter can be used in science and research and can help predict where seagrass can be restored.

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What’s at Stake


1ha of seagrass is lost every hour


1000’s of species depend on seagrass for food and shelter


Seagrass absorbs vast amounts of carbon


Seagrass provides food security and livelihood support


Seagrasses are indicator species for environmental issues. Because they respond rapidly to environmental change, they provide insights into overfishing and destructive fishing practices, pollution and water quality, and much more.

Learn about these iconic habitats, the threats they face, and how you can help us to protect them.

Our work

Read about the important work that we do, from research into poverty alleviation, small-scale fisheries and ecosystem health to our education campaigns and direct action programmes like Seagrass Ocean Rescue.




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