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Seagrass Networks

Seagrass Networks

Saving seagrass requires working together. That’s why we’re a part of many regional and global networks sharing and exchanging the best knowledge on seagrass conservation. Find out more and get involved with these networks below:

Coordinated Global Research Assessment of Seagrass System (C-GRASS)

The C-GRASS scientific network looks at standardising seagrass research and assessments whilst building an interdisciplinary community of seagrass stakeholders. Find out more here

Indo-Pacific Seagrass Network

This network builds capacity, fosters learning exchange and conducts collaborative research on seagrass and their associated fisheries across the Indo-Pacific. Find out more about this network here

Zostera Experimental Network

Zen is a collaborative partnership among ecologists throughout the northern hemisphere conducting coordinated research on Zostera marina to assess how biodiversity and climate change influence ecosystem structure and functioning. Find out more about ZEN here

Seagrass Network Cymru

The SNC is a collaborative platform that provides a unified voice to increase public awareness of seagrass meadows across Wales, share expert knowledge and drive coordinated action to support the enhancement of Welsh seagrass meadows. To get involved, email

World Seagrass Association

The WSA is a global network of scientists and coastal managers committed to research, protection and management of the world’s seagrasses. To find out more and get involved, click here


Pathways for Connecting People and Seagrass (PATHGRASS) is a European network for socio-ecological research in seagrass

Global Seagrass Nursey Network

The goal of the GSNN is to collaborate actively and openly; share knowledge, successes and failures, and to identify knowledge gaps in the building, running and maintenance of seagrass nurseries around the world. To get involved email or click here to find out more

The Seagrass Consortium

The Seagrass Consortium was founded in 2022 to implement large-scale seagrass restoration in support of the UN Decade On Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)  Click here to find out more.


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