Project Seagrass

Seagrass & Me!

Seagrass & Me!

Welcome to ‘Seagrass & Me!’, our new education pack for ages 11-14.

The marine world is so often overlooked and seen as something a million miles away. Project Seagrass wants to change this and bring the ocean to the classroom, inspiring a new generation of ocean lovers that are aware of the effects of their actions and how to make positive, sustainable choices.

The activities have been designed for KS3 students between 11 – 14 years old. The activities complement various aspects of the Welsh, English, and Scottish curriculums.

The resources have been written as part of a five-day residential course but are accessible as standalone activities or themed activity packages to enable wider accessibility. The proposed residential site is Porthdinllaen, North Wales. Porthdinllaen is a special area of conservation known for its large seagrass meadow, making it the ideal place to highlight the wonders of this little-known ecosystem. However, all activities can be adapted to other UK coastal sites and many to non-marine or classroom settings.

Have a look at what the education pack contains. Download the full education pack here:

Or take a look at the individual activities on offer:


water protection


coastal protection

hide and seek

habit breaker

climate change

underwater gardener

stakeholder meeting


resource rampage

What can we find in the seagrass?