This Thursday 6th October, Project Seagrass will be taking part in the Running Out of Time climate relay. The relay runs from COP26 to COP27 – from Glasgow, Scotland all the way to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. It takes place over 38 days across 18 countries to carry a relay baton containing a message from young people to the decision makers at COP27. You can read the message here.

Project Seagrass are proud to be taking part in the relay across South Wales from our research facilities in Swansea to our HQ in Bridgend. We will be carrying our own letter from the pupils of the Eco Club at Coychurch Primary School. Read their letter below:

Letter to Tomorrow

To a school child in the future,

We are writing this on behalf of Coychurch Primary School children. This is a letter about our hopes and dreams for the future. We hope that in the future,  native trees in our rainforests have been replanted and that only sustainable palm oil is used in products worldwide. We want to see many of our endangered animals, bees and insects thriving to support biodiversity.

When you go to the beach with your family, we hope you can play in the sand and the sea without pollution, and it is free from single-use plastics. Beach litter picks are a thing of the past! If you snorkel, you will see seagrass fields that support marine life and trap carbon to help stop climate change.

We want all schools to run on renewable energy with solar panels on the roof and wind turbines in the community. At school and at home, meat-free days will happen every week, and you will eat local and Fairtrade foods. Your food waste will be composted and used to grow fruit, flowers and vegetables in your school garden.   

When you read this, you should not be worried about your future and climate change right now because countries, governments, communities and families have listened to our pupil’s voices, taken climate change seriously, and we have made a difference.

Love from,

Coychurch Primary School Wales

(Written by pupils in the Eco Club)

You can get involved with the climate relay here.

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