At Project Seagrass, we recognise that the pressures on our oceans are urgent. Since our inception, we’ve been focused on applied seagrass ecosystem research, geared towards making an impact in the real world.

Our research is lead by scientists at the Department of Biosciences, Swansea University and the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University.

The team are engaged in basic and applied research into the structure, function and resilience of seagrass meadows within a linked social-ecological system and support the UN Decade on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Our research work is globally focussed and includes projects running in Europe, across the Into-Pacific, and the Caribbean and involves collaborators at a number of internationally leading institutes.


Seagrass as Bioindicators

Food Security & Livelihoods

Small-Scale Fisheries

Non-Selective Fishing

Seagrass Distribution

Seagrass Ecology


As a dedicated team of seagrass conservation scientists, we’ve lead and contributed to over 70 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

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