Project Seagrass needs your support to embark on another wave of conservation ventures, protecting marine life and ecosystems from overfishing and habitat loss. Just, £50 could purchase the equipment we need for the long term monitoring of seagrass, £100 would provide communities with the information they need to help protect their seagrass, and £500 could help us deliver our SEA programme to a community, enabling them to protect and monitor the seagrass in their local area.

By supporting us, you’ll be showing your commitment to protecting one of the most threatened ecosystems on the earth… our seagrass meadows.

Below are our different supporter packs. Please select one to learn more and support us today…


“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”

At Project Seagrass we are supported by a number of individuals, small-businesses, and social purpose enterprises who believe in our mission, vision and values. From socks to soap, consumer purchases help us achieve our mission. If you would like to support us in this way, please email


“Get involved!”

We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals or organisations on fundraising events and campaigns. If you have an idea, please get in touch with us via