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The World Seagrass Association Inc. invites expressions of interest from members and interested organisations/institutions who would like to host the 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) in 2024.

The International Seagrass Biology Workshop series is a meeting of research scientists, students and coastal environment managers focusing on global seagrass issues, improving seagrass knowledge, developing networks and advocating for seagrass protection/conservation.

ISBWs are often 2-3 day workshops with an additional day for a field trip. Participants are generally limited to 100 however this is highly dependent on the venue. The timing for ISBWs has mostly been late September, although the timing is dependent on the most suitable for the hosting country (e.g. tides, holidays, etc).

After the first ISBW in 1993, it was decided that meetings were to be held at two year intervals, swapping between developed and developing nation locations if possible. ISBW14 was originally scheduled to be held in 2020, but has been postponed to 2022 in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The 2022 meeting (ISBW14) will be held in Annapolis (Maryland, USA) from 7 – 12 August 2022, in conjunction with the World Seagrass Conference (WSC2022) ( Past ISBW venues included:

ISBW1 (1993)    Japan – Kominato
ISBW2 (1996)    Australia – Rottnest Island
ISBW3 (1998)    The Phillippines – Quezon City and Bolinao
ISBW4 (2000)    France – Corsica
!SBW5 (2002)    Mexico – Ensenada
ISBW6 (+Conference) (2004)    Australia –Townsville and Magnetic island
ISBW7 (2006)    Africa – Zanzibar
ISBW8 (2008)    Canada – Bamfield, Vancouver island
ISBW9 (+Conference) (2010)     Thailand – Phuket and Trang Province
ISBW10 (2012)    Brazil – Buzios
ISBW11 (2014)    China – Sanya, Hainan Province
ISBW12 (2016)    United Kingdom – Nant Gwrtheyrn, Wales
ISBW13 (+Conference) (2018)    Singapore

To read about the history of the ISBW series, see
Coles, R., Short, F., Fortes, M. and Kuo, J (2014) Twenty years of seagrass networking and advancing seagrass science: The International Seagrass Biology Workshop Series. Pacific Conservation Biology 20(1): 8–16. (, and
Hind-Ozan, E.J., Jones, B.L., 2017. Seagrass science is growing: A report on the 12th International Seagrass Biology Workshop. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

The International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) is an official activity of the World Seagrass Association Inc., and WSA Inc. plays a guiding role, and assists the Convener/Organising Committee when requested.  

Members or organisations/institutions who are interested in submitting an expression of interest to host the 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW15) in 2024 should send a letter by email to Len McKenzie, Secretary, World Seagrass Association Inc., at no later than May 31, 2022. Please include the name and complete contact information including address, phone and fax numbers, and email address of the member or organisations/institutions expressing interest. Letter should clearly state the country location and supporting organisation. Dot points covering the information required are acceptable.

The WSA may require more detailed information in future before a final decision.

If you require additional information or any enquiries, please email