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Get Involved

Our seagrass meadows are in a terrible state after years of pollution, overfishing and neglect – but don’t despair. There are a number of ways you can get involved with Project Seagrass and help us to save seagrass meadows.

Join Us

Thanks to our members, we’re able to help seagrass in lots of ways, from spreading awareness, campaigning and undertaking projects that aid seagrass conservation worldwide. Join now and receive our official membership pack.


Donations go a long way for Project Seagrass. We make every donated penny count, so you can rest assured that your money is directly contributing to seagrass conservation. Make a donation today using our online form.

‘Adopt a Patch’

With the introduction of SeagrassSpotter and our quarterly SeagrassWatch monitoring at Porthdinllaen, soon you’ll be able to adopt one of our patches, and receive regular updates on how its doing and what’s been spotted inside it.


You can find an array of seagrass associated merchandise, for seagrass enthusiasts of all ages, in our seagrass store. Not only do they make lovely gifts but all proceeds go towards seagrass conservation.

Work With Us

Large or small, by working together we can go a long way. Check out our corporate support page for more details on working with us, or head over to our partners page to find out a little more about the organisations we already work with.


Add your voice to our latest awareness campaign’s – OneHectare & For Cods Sake – and help spread the word. Don’t forget to also sign up to our e-newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest Project Seagrass updates and calls to action.

We rely on your support to carry on our work protecting our seagrass, oceans and marine life for everyone. If you would like to chat about any of these please do give us an email

I’ve dived a seagrass meadow off Morfa Nefyn and found a fantastic array of young fish, including several pipefish. Unfortunately, it was being torn apart by careless boat owners anchoring right in the middle of it! Its amazing to see you drawing attention to the plight of our seagrass meadows.

Iolo Williams, Naturalist, TV Presenter & Project Seagrass Supporter