Project Seagrass

Advancing seagrass conservation through education, influence, research and action  

What's at stake

For thousands of people around the world seagrass provides them with food security and a livelihood. This is as a result of the nursery area that seagrasses provide to commercial fish when they are juveniles.

Seagrasses as a nursery

Arguably, one of the most important roles of seagrass is providing a nursery and shelter area for a number of commercially and recreationally important species. Seagrasses provide juvenile fish with shelter, protection from predators and increased food availability.

Seagrasses support life in our oceans directly and indirectly

Although few species live in seagrass for the entirety of their life, animals across the ocean that do not necessarily live in seagrass for the majority of their lives do benefit from it as organisms that once relied on seagrass become their prey.

It is essential that we work to protect seagrass, not just for biodiversity but also for the communities around the world that depend on it.

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