Project Seagrass

Advancing seagrass conservation through education, influence, research and action  


Family Membership


Your family gift of £30 enables Project Seagrass to develop materials to help educate the children on the importance of seagrass meadows, inspiring them to become future guardians of our oceans.

Member Benefits

As a family, you'll be helping protect our seagrass, oceans and marine life and you'll receive the welcome package below…

  • Membership Certificate
  • A set of our ForCodsSake postcards
  • Duplicate Project Seagrass information leaflet and OneHectare poster
  • Set of seagrass stickers
  • OneHectare tote bag
  • Project Seagrass e-newsletter
  • Childrens Project Seagrass t-shirt
  • Project Seagrass Colouring Book

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