Project Seagrass

Advancing seagrass conservation through education, influence, research and action  

"Conservation through education, influence, research and action"


Project Seagrass is built on research, and by working with a diverse range of local stakeholders and other experts, we seek to turn research into highly effective conservation actions.

At Project Seagrass we believe education is the best approach to generate both awareness and understanding of the marine environment and seagrass meadows alike.

Project Seagrass believes strongly in direct action. Through our campaigns, whether its implementing conservation schemes or restoring seagrass, we're committed to conservation.

We believe that influencing people is key to facilitating change. We run a number of awareness campaigns with that in mind and host various workshops and events through the year.

At Project Seagrass we've developed a phone app and website that could lead to new discoveries about one of the ocean’s most under-appreciated habitats — seagrass.
With Seagrass Spotter, ocean enthusiasts around the world can become citizen scientists who contribute to marine conservation with a few taps of their phone. 
We’ve made important scientific breakthroughs with seagrass in recent years, but they remain incredibly threatened and are still under-appreciated in the British Isles.