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Making Waves - below you will find seagrass news, articles, and other media coverage featuring the work of Project Seagrass and wider research team.

Seagrass News 2016

Genes reveal how the seahorse got its snout and became a great father, The Conversation, 15th December
Seagrass spotters sought, West Highland Free Press, 22nd November
Scientists call for the protection of the little-known and disappearing ecosystem: seagrass ‘meadows', The Ecologist, 21st November,
Call to help map coastline plant, John O'Groat Journal, 11th November
Platform; Loss of seagrass meadows is a carbon time bomb, The Scotsman, 17th October
Scilly Has Healthiest Seagrass Beds In The Country, ScillyToday, 13th January

Seagrass News 2015

Protection of our marine life needs more than marine protected areas, we need to make it resilient, ScienceDaily, 23rd November

Seagrass meadows – carbon sinks and fishery powerhouses, BluePlanetSociety, 9th November

Ensuring the Resilience of Seagrass Meadows, Conservation Jobs, 18th September

Call for more protection for seagrass meadows, BBC News, 27th June

Seagrass News 2014

For the love of cod, let’s save our disappearing seagrass, The Conversation, 29th October

Seagrass fish feeding grounds 'lost like rain forests', BBC News, 12th August

Why are our sea prairies under serious threat?, WalesOnline, 18th June

Seagrass conservation in Indonesia protects fisheries, World Fishing, 3rd April

Seagrass restoration could reverse marine biodiversity decline, World Fishing, 11th February


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