Project Seagrass

Advancing seagrass conservation through education, influence, research and action  


At Project Seagrass we believe that education is the best approach to generate both awareness and understanding of both seagrass and the marine environment, and hence impart skills to the different sectors of communities.

One of our core aims is to help educate people on local seagrass issues as well as create an awareness of the marine environment and its fragility. Working with school's, colleges and universities we can work to educate and inspire the next generation, and in turn advance the conservation of not only seagrass, but the environment as a whole for the future. 

Project Seagrass recognises the importance of including all resource users of a region within an Seagrass Education and Awareness (SEA) programme. Project Seagrass targets a diverse range of audiences including local schoolchildren, community leaders and tourists where a combination of outreach visits and on site events are practiced. 

Some of the ways we help:

"Classroom to the coast" workshop with primary school students

Location: Porthdinllaen, Wales

Seagrass Awareness Event at Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park.

Location: Pwhelli, Wales.

Seagrass Monitoring & Awareness Workshop with Students from Swansea University Marine Biology Society.

Location: Porthdinllaen, Wales

Seagrass Awareness & Education Workshop with school students.

Location: Wakatobi, Indonesia.

Seagrass Monitoring & Awareness Workshop with students from the University of South Wales.

Location: Malaysian Borneo.

£50 could provide the materials we need to run a school assembly

£500 could provide the materials we need to run a "classroom to the coast" workshop

£2000 could help us run a "Seagrass camp" for a group of children